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Compact Cinema No Longer Closing!

06_Looking_InAt the last minute, Compact Cinema has been spared the axe!  However, it will continue in a different form. It will no longer be a “full-time” movie theater with daily screenings.  Instead, we will show films here occasionally, as special events; perhaps some mini film festivals.

Compact Cinema will probably get used more often as a meeting space for community activist groups and as a special events space for the 16 West Marketplace, and it will host the TED Talks every Wednesday at noon from now on (which are always thought-provoking and followed by vibrant audience discussion).  We will see how it goes in this form, and if it builds an audience gradually over time.  If the audience grows, then we’ll add more screenings and events.  If you have any ideas for films to screen or special events, please contact us at

Showtimes for Thursday, 4/17


Like many of us, Joy is not content with the high consumption modern lifestyle we live in the United States. So she journeys to three different intentional communities – places where people have chosen to share land and resources in all kinds of creative ways. The result is a fun and engaging crash course in sustainable living, thinking outside of the box, and finding positive solutions in an increasingly challenging world.

Thursday: 7:00pm

Cost: $5.00