Showtimes for Thursday, October 2nd through Saturday, October 4th


In Fixing the Future, host David Brancaccio, of public radio’s Marketplace and NOW on PBS, visits people and organizations across America that are attempting a revolution: the reinvention of the American economy. The film highlights effective, local practices such as: local business alliances, community banking, time banking/hour exchange, worker cooperatives and local currencies.

Thursday: 8:00pm, Saturday: 6:00pm

Cost: $5.00

American_Made_Movie_RGB_no-creditsAMERICAN-MADE MOVIE

This compelling new documentary explores the impact of American manufacturing on both ordinary citizens and the national economy. The film examines both the positive ripple effect that comes from domestic manufacturing jobs and the hurdles we’ll need to overcome to start bringing them back.

Friday: 8:00pm

Cost: $5.00


Tells the little known stories of employee-owned businesses that compete successfully in today’s economy while providing secure, dignified jobs in democratic workplaces. Such firms tend to be more profitable and innovative, and more committed to the communities where they are based. Yet the public has little knowledge of their success, and the promise they offer for a better life.

Saturday: 8:00pm

Cost: $5.00