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Weekly Schedule for 1/19 to 1/25

Click here for a printable (PDF) version of this week’s schedule.  Please help us out by posting a copy wherever people might see it.



Chronicles the story behind hundreds of civil rights activists called the Freedom Riders who challenged the racial segregation of the American interstate transport and by traveling together in small interracial groups and sitting where they chose on the buses and trains to demand equal access to terminal restaurants and waiting rooms, and to bring racial segregation national attention.

Thursday: 7:00pm

Cost: FREE!




A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, this film features Robert Reich-professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member-as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy.

Friday: 7:00pm

Cost: $8.00




In Fixing the Future, host David Brancaccio, of public radio’s Marketplace and NOW on PBS, visits people and organizations across America that are attempting a revolution: the reinvention of the American economy. The film highlights effective, local practices such as: local business alliances, community banking, time banking/hour exchange, worker cooperatives and local currencies.

Saturday: 7:00pm

Cost: $8.00




Presented by Vickie’s Bollywood Broadcast.  Arriving in India, a British filmmaker enlists a gang of college students to participate in a documentary about India’s freedom fighters.  Initially, these students scoff at the ideals and people of the past, but a sequence of events set in slow motion a merging of the past and present.

Sunday: 2:50pm

Cost: FREE!

Tickets now $8 as regular screenings resume this week

After a 3-month hiatus, regular documentary film screenings resume this week at Compact Cinema!


Join us for a FREE screening of “FREEDOM RIDERS” on Thursday night at 7:00pm to kick things off!  It chronicles the story behind hundreds of civil rights activists in the 1960’s who challenged the racial segregation of the interstate transportation system in the American South.

We are also announcing an increase in ticket prices from $5 to $8.  It has always been part of our mission to keep our ticket prices affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, but have found it necessary to raise our prices in order to keep the cinema financially viable.  We are exploring some alternative sources of funding that will hopefully allow us to offer more affordable pricing, including grants, sponsorships, and pre-show ads for groups and locally-owned businesses.  In the meantime, please support your local independent documentary cinema by attending our upcoming shows and events!