Coming Soon! Movies to start on Saturday!

amex_fr_poster_v2.27x40_v2_72dpiCompact Cinema will start showing a selection of documentary films on Saturday, March 1st (the original opening on Wednesday has been pushed back).  The first show will be at 1:00pm, with a different film at 3:30pm and then the same two films repeated at 6:00pm and 8:30pm.

You are invited (and encouraged!) to do “Dinner and a Movie” by ordering a meal from any of the restaurants or food vendors in 16 West, and bringing the food into the theater to eat while you watch the movie and enjoy the big-screen experience!

The experience doesn’t end when the credits roll, either, as you are invited to participate in an audience discussion after each film, so everyone can share their thoughts and insights.

Check back here shortly for the full listings of titles and descriptions for our first week of thought-provoking films! And there may be one or more FREE showings… stay tuned!