July 23rd TED Talk – Our “puny” human brains


It’s impossible to top the energy and ideas-you-can-act-on-now content of last week’s 2 TED Talks, so we’ll take a different trip during this Wednesday’s TED Talk – we’ll look at “our puny human brains, just a few bucks worth of water, salts, and proteins” and the (inevitable?) obsolescence of human knowledge.  It’s said that even the GPS is making us dumber!

This sounds ponderous but it’s actually a funny, entertaining, & thought provoking 17 minutes – Come join us at Compact Cinema this Wednesday at 12:00pm!

Get lunch at one of our nearby restaurants or bring your own, and enjoy your meal on the food trays in front of our comfortable seats while you watch the video. Then stay for the always-lively audience discussion afterward!

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Cost: FREE!